The #WindOfChange for Climate

drawdown CO2 levels

The #WindOfChange is all about hope and empowerment!

Our first targeted campaign concerns the climate crisis. Why allow a problem to persist and get out of hand, when the solutions are already there to resolve it?

“The #WindOfChange for Climate” campaign will appear here soon.

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You ALL HAVE THE POWER to bring the #WindOfChange for PEOPLE and PLANET, so get out there and enjoy the world, whilst using your power to change it for good!


#WindOfChange Site Launches 3rd December 2017

Wind of change final week

So! YOU are one of the 15 million people that were reached by the #WindOfChange thunderclap campaign?

If YOU are already an active campaigner, then we have great news for YOU! This is your site! You can influence its content and will be able to use it to amplify support for the campaigns, events, petitions and resources that matter to YOU!

This site will be developed, now that people have found us, in a democratic way. To kick off, please take part in these 30 second surveys to help select the individuals and organisations that most people feel are changing the world for good:

Animal Rights campaigners

Environmental Justice campaigners

Human Rights campaigners

Indigenous rights campaigners

Rights of Nature campaigners

Social Justice campaigners

The most popular campaigners, as selected by YOU, will feature on this site so that they get more support for the incredible work that they are doing for people and planet.

Please bookmark this blog and contact us to send the ideas, campaigns, events, petitions and resources that are close to your heart. The #WindOfChange is a collective and its initial membership will be announced early in 2018. This is a movement, there is no leader –  PASSION will lead the way, powered by TEAMWORK!

We look forward to receiving your input. Thank you for adding YOUR POWER to the #WindOfChange!

If you have never campaigned for a better world before, but are concerned and want to make a difference, then this will be YOUR resource, to HELP YOU start getting involved! 

To kick off, you can find out more about why the #WindOfChange is needed, together with ways that YOU can start creating change TODAY, here!

We warmly welcome you all to the #WindOfChange!