The Power of Nature Tweetstorm

The Power of Nature Tweetstorm

Around 615 million people in the world suffer from depression or anxiety (up 48% between 1990 to 2013) and approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.

At the same time, people are losing their connection with an incredible free preventive and healer – NATURE!

The Call to action:

By supporting this campaign, you will be helping millions of others by raising awareness and providing information:
1. Support this thunderclap now using your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts. It’s free and easy to support. By joining this campaign you will be helping to inform others about the POWER OF NATURE!
2. Read and share
these resources from the mental health charity, MIND and nature charity, The Wildlife Trusts. By sharing this information with friends and family and across social media, You will be driving positive social change. That is very special work indeed!
3. Support and share this crowdfunder by Joe Harkness
to help publish the book “Bird Therapy”, in which Joe bravely shares his own personal challenges, in order to help others by highlighting the POWER OF NATURE to heal the mind!
4.Take part in tweetstorm on Sunday 3rd June 2018 between 7:00PM and 9:00PM GMT. A tweet sheet will appear at the bottom of this post. Feel free to use and share the above event banner. The storm will be run from @Team4Nature300. During this online event you can tweet details of projects and initiative that connect people to the POWER of NATURE, or you can tweet to share how the POWER of NATURE has helped your health, happiness and wellbeing. Simply include “the POWER of NATURE” in your tweets.

Thank you for taking the time to read this campaign and for helping to create a better world for people and planet, by sharing THE POWER OF NATURE!

Joe Harkness, through his book “Bird Therapy” provides some final positivity:

“To share such profound experiences that day was, in simple terms, amazing. It renewed me, reinvigorated me and filled me with a great sense of happiness. Not only did it bring about such positivity but it also gave me a great sense of meaning, as if I had found my true calling. I wanted to feel this again, to see more and to open my mind even more, to the world of nature that was, itself, opening around me. That day lingers long in my memory, it was the catalyst for a new interest in birdwatching and the origin of Bird Therapy – the next chapter of my life.”


Tweet sheet: Please do not issue tweets until after 7pm BST on 3rd June 2018:

Please RT so that as many people as possible join the TWEETSTORM NOW (7pm-9pm BST) to share The POWER of NATURE that provides our health, happiness, healing and wellbeing. Tweet sheet pinned to @Team4Nature300 Twitter page. Get involved NOW 😀

Last chance to SIGN up to The POWER of NATURE thunderclap. Please add YOUR SUPPORT NOW! It costs NOTHING but helps to raise awareness of the benefits of nature to human health, happiness and wellbeing. THANK YOU

We have long been aware of the positive effects spending time outdoors can have on our mental health & wellbeing, and now there is an eye-opening new study which has confirmed our beliefs regarding The POWER of NATURE:

Taking part in nature-based activities helps people who are suffering from mental ill-health and can contribute to a reduction in levels of anxiety, stress, and depression. That’s The POWER of NATURE

Are YOU aware of The POWER of NATURE? How valuable are parks and greenspaces to YOUR health, happiness and wellbeing? check out research carried out by @FieldsInTrust here:

There’s increasing recognition of the POWER of NATURE as a determinant of individuals’ mental health. Nature-based interventions, working with a wide range of vulnerable groups, are helping to positively benefit health and wellbeing outcomes

Connecting students to the natural world can prove therapeutic, especially to those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). That’s The POWER of NATURE

Over the last ten years, @treesforlifeuk has worked with other charities to enable groups of people to experience the healing POWER of NATURE

Find out how The POWER of Nature can benefit YOUR mental health here via @MindCharity Please RT to raise awareness 😀

Dr Miles Richardson, Director of Psychology, University of Derby: “Over the past three years we’ve repeatedly found that taking part in #30DaysWild improves health, happiness, nature connection and conservation behaviours”. That’s The POWER of NATURE

“Interventions to increase human engagement with the natural environment are one of the fastest growing ways of improving human and environmental health and reducing health inequalities” That’s The POWER of NATURE #30DaysWild #BirdTherapy

Tweet the projects and initiatives that you feel connect people to The POWER of NATURE, providing them with health, happiness and wellbeing 😀

Using The POWER of NATURE in design to improve office health and wellbeing

Helsinki shows the way! 12 times into the The POWER of NATURE in just 15 minutes: by walking, train, metro and bicycle. Design your therapeutic journey for health, happiness and wellbeing!

The magic behind The POWER of NATURE? It’s simple really – NATURE is HOME! @FestofNature

The world’s prosperity and wellbeing are seriously being threatened by the degradation of land and nature. TOGETHER – we MUST PROTECT The POWER of NATURE for the good of all!

The POWER of NATURE: Experience the Magical Practice of ‘Forest Bathing’

Humans have an innate attraction to the POWER of NATURE, but have often designed cities in ways that alienate us from it. Could biophilic design be the future?

“We’re losing species at a rate never seen before. This is eroding the systems that sustain life on earth, including human life. It’s less visible than extreme weather but it’s killing us for sure.” RT to HELP PROTECT the POWER of NATURE

The POWER of NATURE to bring health, happiness and wellbeing is becoming clear. So we should be looking after it, right?!

The POWER of NATURE as a healer remains under-recocgnised! It offers multiple health benefits from allergy reductions to increases in self-esteem and mental wellbeing. PLEASE RT to raise awareness

This @unbounders crowdfunder has already exceeded its target, but every NEW PLEDGE will HELP it reach a wider audience. PLEASE SUPPORT to SHARE the POWER of NATURE & @BirdTherapy

Cities are increasingly looking for ways to embrace the POWER of NATURE, as migration to urban areas rises and a growing body of scientific evidence shows that being close to nature is good for people

Respectable scientists – doctors, mental health experts, educationalists, sociologists – are beginning to suggest that when kids stop experiencing the POWER of NATURE, it can affect not just their development as individuals, but society as a whole

New guidelines call for homes for people and wildlife to embrace The POWER of NATURE for the good of all. Great work by @WildlifeTrusts covered here by @LGSpace

How Can You Create a Happier Self and a Happier World? By appreciating The POWER of NATURE of course! 3 tips from @NetwrkWellbeing

Being outdoors, seeing trees, hearing birdsong, seeing the sky & feeling in contact with nature bring higher levels of mental wellbeing. Now that’s The POWER of NATURE: @KingsCollegeLon

Participants benefitted from a stroll in the park, with lung capacity improving within the first hour and a significant lasting increase for more than 24 hours in many cases. That’s The POWER of NATURE:  @imperialcollege

A growing body of research is investigating the benefits to our health of spending time enjoying The POWER of NATURE. But how does feeding garden birds fit in? This by @_BTO @BirdTherapy

The connections we make with nature offer opportunity to feel deep relaxation, awe and vitality as well as joy and excitement! Now that’s The POWER of NATURE: @SheffSocScience

Louisville’s Green Heart Project Tests The POWER of NATURE as a Prescription for Urban Health. This via @nature_org

Regular use of parks or woods for physical exercise reduced the risk of poor mental health, whereas no such pattern was found with use of non-natural settings such as sports centres or streets. Now that’s The POWER of NATURE: @WoodlandTrust

The POWER of NATURE as a healer is known, but it’s especially interesting when this power is quantified, as was done in a recent study from @Uni_of_Essex – via @TreeHugger

5 ways to create YOUR OWN little green space & embrace the POWER of NATURE for YOUR health, happiness and wellbeing via @LGSpace

Tweet to SHARE how the POWER of NATURE has helped boost health, happiness and wellbeing for YOU or your loved ones 😀

“Getting active in nature can boost physical and mental well-being. Increasingly, we are also understanding the value of ‘mindfulness’ – of stopping and taking notice of your surroundings” @francescaSNH Now that’s The POWER of NATURE

For those in the most polluted urban areas, having trees in the neighbourhood was strongly linked with fewer emergency hospital visits for asthma. Now that’s The POWER of NATURE

UK parks save NHS more than £111m a year, study by @FieldsInTrust suggests, showing the POWER of NATURE. Please RT @NHSMillion

Have YOU got PEACE of MIND? It’s time to embrace The POWER of NATURE for health, happiness and wellbeing! @CPRE

Human beings have an inherent need to connect with The POWER of NATURE and green space. “With workers spending so much time indoors, office managers need to be more aware of the impact the workplace has on wellbeing”

A fine example showing The POWER of NATURE! Check out and share this infograghic by @FAO to raise awareness of the benefits of urban trees @FoQueslettTrees @SouthwarkWoods @TheSadSquirrel

The POWER of NATURE : A New Paradigm for Workplace Wellbeing by @findingnature “Nature restores attention capacity, improves mood and concentration”

This is yet another example, illustrating the POWER of NATURE: Parks and green spaces in the United Kingdom provide people with over £34billion of health and well-being benefits, according to @FieldsInTrust

How The POWER of NATURE actually benefits your mental health – by @Greenpeace via @VICE

Report links The POWER of NATURE to reduced stress in a wide range of neighbourhoods – from heavily concreted inner cities to leafy suburban boroughs

Joe Harkness is just an ordinary guy exploring The POWER of NATURE, but his writing, regarding the therapeutic benefits of birdwatching, is changing many peoples’ lives. Check out & share his site, resources and @BirdTherapy book crowdfunder

The benefits arising from The POWER of NATURE in terms of health, happiness and wellbeing can only be fully realised if inequality is addressed #NatureForAll

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees” – Now that’s The POWER of NATURE

The POWER of NATURE is so strong that even a short connection can bring out the best in people!

A powerful video about one man’s battle with mental health has been released to show how The POWER of NATURE can be the key to recovery

Healthy trees that, through The POWER of NATURE provide health benefits to the PEOPLE of Sheffield, are being cut down! Please RT the @streettreeart project @raringtoread

Five Ways that The POWER of NATURE Can Boost Your Mental Health!

How The POWER of NATURE Improves Your Mental Health, by @HayleyGillard1 via @HuffPostUK

When it comes to seeking happiness via The POWER of NATURE, the quality of the green space matters more than the quantity

3 Ways that The POWER of NATURE Improves Mental Health & Wellness and 4 ways to experience it via @EminenceOrganic

12 science-backed reasons to spend more time experiencing The POWER of NATURE via @businessinsider

The benefits that can be derived from The POWER of NATURE – shown in some wonderful infographics by @FixDotCom

Children need to understand The POWER of NATURE for their health happiness & wellbeing! Please back this @crowdfunderuk by @JoannaCDobson – supplying copies of #LostWordsSheffield by @RobGMacfarlane & @JackieMorrisArt to every primary school in Sheffield

Here’s a fantastic way for you, your family, friends and work mates to experience the POWER of NATURE! You can still get involved in #30DaysWild by @WildlifeTrusts and share your experiences on social media @30DaysWild

Are YOU amazed by how The POWER of NATURE can heal the mind and bring health, happiness and wellbeing? Find out more about @BirdTherapy here via a range of guest blogs and articles

Can employers afford to ignore The POWER of NATURE to heal the mind? A staggering 12 billion working days – or 50 million years of work – will be lost to depression and anxiety disorders each year between now and 2030

So why is The POWER of NATURE to heal the mind more important now than ever? Take a look at these mental health facts and statistics by @MindCharity & then PLEASE SHARE to raise awareness



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